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We Offer Eavestrough, Soffit, and Fascia Repair in Hamilton, Burlington, and Surrounding Areas

An eavestrough system helps to prevent problems, but needs to be in good condition to work properly.


At Tops Roofing & Siding, we take extra measures to ensure your eavestrough is secure and draining properly. We can design and install new eavestrough systems for residential and commercial buildings in Hamilton, Burlington, and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a new construction going up or you need a replacement of your existing system, we are the go-to team.


Our services include:

New Installation


Gutter guards

Tops Roofing & Siding in Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding area offers 24-hour emergency service.

Brands We Work With

White coloured new eavestrough
  • Soffit
    Ventilation systems with soffit vents will keep your attic dry. Air circulation is very important. Moisture in your attic will cause mould to grow and wood to rot. Soffits also protect your home from water seepage and frost-thawing activity during the winter months.

  • Fascia
    Fascia protects from any water damage. The space between the soffit and the roof is covered with fascia which will protect from any snow and rain from seeping into the roof.

  • Eavestroughs
    Eavestroughs are intended to direct water away from your roof and the foundation of your home. Faulty eavestroughs can lead to mould and cracks in the foundation along with water damage.

newly built house roof

Keep the your energy costs down with quality insulation in your attic.

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